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what is isolation amplifier

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what is isolation amplifier

what is isolation amplifier

isolation amplifier treatment inputing power signal or physical signals through a technique means , isolated outputs a set of standards analog signals
4-20mA/0-20mA/0-10mA/0- 10V/0-5V/1-5V/2-10V/0-2.5V/0- ± 20mA/0- ± 10mA/0- ± 10V/0- ± 100mV/0- ± 5V and other signals to control systems and instrumentation equipment sampling acquisition,
what is isolation amplifier here only say so much, and more detailed technical data, please visit the "Shenzhen Jie Sheng Technology Co., Ltd.," official website: http://www.jsd-iae.com,
The website of the "news section" there is an article called "isolation amplifier/transmitter isolation definition and presentation"(click on the green Font can directly go into the
article), the article stresses more detailed and clear that we can refer,inadequacies please forgive me.

What is two-wire isolation amplifier?
Two-wire isolation amplifiers only one Isolation amplifiers of transmission type , which is in series the power supply and load resistance with isolation amplifiers ,two wires simultaneously
transmit the transmitter required power and output current signal, most current isolation transmitters are two-wire isolation amplifier; Many of them are three-wire and four-wire isolation


First, what is two -wire current isolation amplifier ?
1 , what is two -wire ?
2 , Two -wire features:
(1) , two -wire means field isolation amplifier or isolation transmitter only use two wires to achieve signal transmission and drive a load when isolation amplifier signal transmittion、
signal acquisition and transform to the control room instrumentation , the two wire both a power supply line and the signal line .
(2), two -wire isolator advantages:
a, Less susceptible to affect by parasitic thermocouples, resistance pressure drop from along the wire loop and temperature drift , can use very cheap and finer wire, you can save a lot of
cables and installation costs;
b, when the current source output resistance is large enough, the magnetic field sensor coupled to the wire loop internal voltage,which does not have a significant impact, because the
the current is very small caused by interference source ,if there is interference generally using twisted pair can reduce the interference, two-wire isolation amplifier have to use shielded cable,
shielded cable shield should be properly grounded;
c, capacitive interference can cause the error from receiver resistance, for 4 ~ 20mA two -wire loop isolator , the receiver resistance typically precision 250Ω ( sample Vout = 1 ~ 5V) that
resistance small enough to can't produce significant error, therefore,allowed wire length farther and longer, However, the specific length according to the actual situation;
d, each single display device or recording device can access between the different cable lengths and different channels, not due to wiring length ranging caused different accuracy to
achieve decentralized acquisition,which advantage is : decentralized acquisition centralized control ......
e, 4-20mA use in zero level,you can determine the open circuit,short circuit,sensor damage (0mA state )it is very convenient ;
f, add one or two lightning protection and surge devicetwo at the two-wire transmitter isolation / isolation amplifier output port fou facilitating safe mine explosion;

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